Second star to the right deborah hautzig

Sep 23, Debbie rated it liked it Recommends it for: Whilst on the outside she's ticking all the boxes and nodding and smiling, on the inside she's not doing so well at all - plagued by negativity and unworthy thoughts that make her feel guilty. This new edition features an afterword by the author in which she discusses her own struggle with the disease, the difficult road toward recovery, and the lasting effects on her life. My own writing can be improved by exposing the inner thoughts of the protagonist for the reader to better understand the character, like Hautzig did in this novel with Leslie. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Her best friend, Cavett, is a real soul mate. Frankweiler E L Konigsburg. At probably thirteen years old, this was the first book I ever read regarding eating disorders. I can relate this to real life because this has happened to one of my friends before. I loved this book as sfar teenager. This book was written thirty years ago and it should have been assigned reading material for every girl in 9th grade. I recommend this book to girls aged 13 and over because I felt like it relates to teenage girls, with the changing of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.

You feel a sense of inspiration after realising that anorexia nervosa is not rkght a struggle physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. However, if you're looking for a book confronting anorexia nervosa, I would suggest finding something more recent.

While she isn't convinced that she'll get better, she stays in treatment anyways, still carrying on with her anorexic tactics. Only by realizing that this condition is an illness — and one On the face of it, Secomd is a normal, healthy, well-adjusted fourteen-year-old girl.

Second Star to the Right

Leslie Hiller is an ordinary girl with a loving family who has recently become best friends with Cavett. Well, this book is right up your alley.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I was having similar issues as main character Leslie at the time.

‘Second Star to the Right’ by Deborah Hautzig

Stick Figure Lori Gottlieb. Her emotions are all over the place, ranging from confusion to anger to helplessness.

Sep 13, Pages Middle Grade I thought the book was a little sad and upsetting, a bit confronting and hard to read at times but it was an adequate book. It's just so, so sad. I want to die — but I also want to live. I suspect a person going through her inner turmoil would put up more of an obvious fight when challenged.

She lives in New York. She also forms relationships with other girls that are in the hospital with her that have eating disorders.

Talk and Work it Out Cheri J. It lets you inside the head of an anorexic.

Second Star to the Right : Deborah Hautzig :

Mar 12, Sarah rated it liked it. In order to regain her sense of control, she decides to control the one thing in her life that she CAN control - food. Have you ever wondered what you would be thinking seborah you had a sickness like anorexia?

See all books by Deborah Hautzig. It's something I don't want to read again but that has nothing to do with the quality of the writing. Leslie's internal dictator is directing affairs. I didn't enjoy or engage with this book. Leslie's emotional confusion has its roots in her relationship with her mother - whose cousin sacrificed herself to stay with own her mother during the Holocaust.

This is a very powerful novel.

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